Hot Night Cold Spaceship - Kate Tempest

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Hot Night Cold Spaceship Lyrics

Where's love?
I stared into the depths of the woodland
Felt something shaking in my good hand
Blood in my veins, blood in your veins
Our blood wants to meet
That's why its rushing round
Pushing itself up into our cheeksWhere's God?
I feel him, right here in the clearing
Whispering of something I'm not hearing
I'm listening as hard as I can
Guess I ain't ready yet
Too many too eager
They won't ever get deeper
Where's Faith?
Faith was in my class when I was younger
She had pretty eyes full of misery and hunger
But they kept on smiling as if they knew that the horizon
Could never burn gold without red
Now she was hiding from our teachers
Giggling, she'd stolen Montys weakness
Made him twice the boy he was
Before he knew what sweetness really meant
He's a man now, distant and attached
Where's Faith?
Faith's rummaging around for some scraps
Her eyes roll back
She's chasing dragons in her flat
The real dragon shakes her head and stares out through the black
Into the oncoming dawn
New myths, old places
Shell toes, gold laces
Hot night, cold spaceship
Truth told, truth wasted
Too much, too basic
I don't want it, I can't break it
Everything's for sale, I can't take it
Everything is fake, I can't fake it
Where's patience?
Sitting in her basement
WaitingWe hold shells to our faces
And listen for the waves
They crash on ancient shores
They don't pause
Just keep aging
The doors of perception are swinging off their hinges
Mutated angels are banging on their symbols
Pushing out their titties
With the big based dimples
Sick taste, swallow it
Keep it simple
Follow it forever if it fills you
Find a thing to live for
And do it till it kills youYou need something to believe in
And it's a nice evening for immaculate conceiving
Keep breathing
Where's breath?
Breath packed her things and left
Too many of her good friends
Rotten in their flesh
Feasting on their kill
Now they're chopping up what's left
Divvy it up and move onWhat's wrong?
What's wrong?Make it better
It's better when we're naked and together
What's forever?
Forever's right now
Make it better, make it better
It's better when we're naked and together
Where's forever?
Forever's right hereMake it better
It's better when we're naked and together
What's forever?
Forever's right now
Make it better, make it better
It's better when we're naked and together
Where's forever?
Forever's right here
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Kate Tempest is a pseudonym of Kate Esther Calvert who grew up and remains in South-East London, UK. She started out as a rapper, toured the spoken word circuit for a number of years, and now works as a poet and playwright too. Her work includes 'Balance', her first album with her band Sound of Rum, 'Everything Speaks in its Own Way', her first collection of poems, published on her own imprint Zingaro, which comes with a CD and DVD of live performance; 'GlassHouse', a forum theatre play for Cardboard Citizens; and the plays 'Wasted' (published by Methuen Drama) and 'Hopelessly Devoted' for new writing theatre company Paines Plough.

Her epic poem Brand New Ancients won both the Ted Hughes Prize for innovation in poetry and a Herald Angel Award. It is published by Picador and is touring nationwide until April 2014. After a sell out show at St Anne's Warehouse, Brooklyn, Brand New Ancients received a rave review in the New York Times and came to international attention.

She continues to work with music, and featured on the track Our Town, a collaboration with producer duo letthemusicplay (Greco-Roman) She also featured on the track Hot Night Cold Spaceship (Speedy Wunderground) and has collaborated with Sinéad O'Connor, Damien Dempsey and Bastille.

Her debut solo album comes out on Big Dada in 2014, which she made with acclaimed music producer Dan Carey.

She has performed at Glastonbury and all major UK festivals, as well as performing internationally. She sold out the Old Vic Theatre in London for the launch of Everything Speaks… and has appeared on BBC TV and radio many times performing her poems. She has been commissioned to write for The Royal Shakespeare Company, Amnesty International, Barnado’s and Channel 4 Television.

Her second poetry collection will be publisher by Picador in Autumn 2014 and her debut novel The Bricks that Built the Houses is planned to be published by Bloomsbury in 2015.

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