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Mindfuck Lyrics

Mother and Father
Don't you know
He's doing the best that he can
Burdened at birth to belong
Yet everything you taught him was wrong
He's just not the same
He wants to feel with his own thoughts
Not your lame ideal
Given hope
He'll never cease
It's got to end
No more mindfuck
They'll fuck with your head
Make you think it's their life
Instead of your own
Reduced to hate
To fear anything that deviates away
From their own kind
Their minds
Status symbols mold away
Forcing fate
Products obeys
Not education
It's maniuplation
They're fucking you up
Enough is enough
It's got to stop
No more mindfuck
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Babyland was a performance-based "independent electronic junk punk" band from Los Angeles, California, featuring Dan Gatto performing vocals and electronics and Michael Smith on percussion.

They formed in the year 1989 are advocates of the DIY punk ethic and part of the musical underground culture. They are well regarded in the Industrial music, punk rock, indie rock and electronic music communities. Known for their live performances, Babyland have shared the stage with the likes of The Offspring, Legendary Pink Dots, Dystopia, Foetus, Add(n)to X, Nitzer Ebb and Psychic TV. Most of their live performances occur in underground locations that have included places like LA's Jabberjaw, Kontrol Factory, The Smell and 924_gilman in Berkeley.

Recordings prior to 1996 were released on the Los Angeles Punk Rock label Flipside, and the band participated in several of this organization's Mojave Desert events. Subsequent material has been released by the band's own label, Mattress. Recent works have also been released in Europe by Dependent Records.

Their slogan is: "We will not go away"

On October 9, 2009, it was announced that they had broken up.

Dan Gatto now plays as Continues


* 1991 7 inch (1991: Flipside)
* Reality/Under/Smrow-Tow EP (1992: Flipside)
* You Suck Crap (1992: Flipside)
* Dog Snatcher EP (1993: Flipside)
* Stomach 7 inch (1993: Flipside)
* A Total Letdown (1994: Flipside)
* Who's Sorry Now (1995: Flipside)
* Split (1996: Flipside)
* B-Component 7 inch (1998: Mattress)
* Outlive Your Enemies (1998: Mattress)
* Decade One (2001: CD Compilation released in Europe: Dependent)
* 2002 (2002: Mattress)
* Past Lives ep (2003: Mattress)
* The Finger (2004: Mattress)
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