Motives - A Past Unknown

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Motives Lyrics

What have you done, think you deserve anything and everything?
That's not how it is, we are the ones who justify everything by the deeds
we possess, adding up righteousness. When they are all ashes, they will
never make us blameless. We are guilty for the crimes we commit and keep
repeating. We cover them up with a front. When will we realize we are the
source of chaos? Our works are rags turned into ashes. The good we have
done does not reach salvation. Our motives reveal death, living forever is
a gift. Simplicity has left confusion, an image of what good means has
been tainted with our disease. Reaching for that image will slowly kill.
Corrupts, to destroy everything at will. You came to us to prove Your
splendor. We try alone and fall into destruction. Our efforts are
meaningless, we can't save ourselves. We will fail, our attempts are void.
It's not what we have done but everything You have done for us. What You
have done for us. We can't save ourselves, we need Your help. You can save
us, You will never fail, You are the one to make things right despite the
cover up that we are fine. Our works are rags turned into ashes. It's not
what we have done but everything You have done for us. What you have done
for us.
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After releasing their 2010 demo a year ago, A Past Unknown is looking to release their full length album. Recorded by Jamie King, (For Today, Alesana, Between the Buried and Me) at The Basement Studio in North Carolina, the album captures the heavy and melodic presence with emotion filled lyrics striving to show the world what hope is truly about with the power and love of Jesus Christ. Expect this album to be released late spring/early summer. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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