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Embed: Is this what it's come to?", you think "
What am I to make of all this?"
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Picture a Vacuum Lyrics

Picture a vacuum
An endless and unmoving blackness
Peace - or the absence, at least, of terror
Now see, in amongst all this space
That speck of light in the furthest corner
Gold as a pharaoh's coffin
Now follow that light with your tired eyes
It's been a long day, I know, but look
Watch as it flickers and it roars into fullness
And fills the whole frame
Blazing a fire you can't bear the majesty of
Here is our sun
And look:
See how the planets are dangled around it?
And held in that intricate dance There is our Earth Our Earth Its blueness soothes the sharp burn in your eyes Its contours remind you of love That soft roundness The comfort of ocean and land mass Picture the world Older than she ever thought that she'd get She looks at herself as she spins Arms loaded with trophies of her most successful child The pylons and mines The power plants shimmer in her still, cool breath Now is that a smile that plays her lips?
Or is it a tremor of dread?
The sadness of mothers as they watch the fates of their children Unfold In now In fast Kaleidoscopic vision The colours like drugs in your belly Churning Your skin pulled loose as a pup shaken and tighten Now everything's flashing and the waves are magnified as they roll up towards you and you're tiny as sand Just a speck And as you approach the surface, all of that peace that you felt is replaced with this furious never known passion You're feeling The people The life Their faces are bright In your body You're feeling You want to be close to them Closer '
Cause these are your species Your kindred Where have you landed?
Uncurl yourself, stand up, and look at your limbs All intact Clothed in the fashion This is a city Let's call her London And these are the only times you have known "
Is this what it's come to?", you think "
What am I to make of all this?"
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Kate Tempest is a pseudonym of Kate Esther Calvert who grew up and remains in South-East London, UK. She started out as a rapper, toured the spoken word circuit for a number of years, and now works as a poet and playwright too. Her work includes 'Balance', her first album with her band Sound of Rum, 'Everything Speaks in its Own Way', her first collection of poems, published on her own imprint Zingaro, which comes with a CD and DVD of live performance; 'GlassHouse', a forum theatre play for Cardboard Citizens; and the plays 'Wasted' (published by Methuen Drama) and 'Hopelessly Devoted' for new writing theatre company Paines Plough.

Her epic poem Brand New Ancients won both the Ted Hughes Prize for innovation in poetry and a Herald Angel Award. It is published by Picador and is touring nationwide until April 2014. After a sell out show at St Anne's Warehouse, Brooklyn, Brand New Ancients received a rave review in the New York Times and came to international attention.

She continues to work with music, and featured on the track Our Town, a collaboration with producer duo letthemusicplay (Greco-Roman) She also featured on the track Hot Night Cold Spaceship (Speedy Wunderground) and has collaborated with Sinéad O'Connor, Damien Dempsey and Bastille.

Her debut solo album comes out on Big Dada in 2014, which she made with acclaimed music producer Dan Carey.

She has performed at Glastonbury and all major UK festivals, as well as performing internationally. She sold out the Old Vic Theatre in London for the launch of Everything Speaks… and has appeared on BBC TV and radio many times performing her poems. She has been commissioned to write for The Royal Shakespeare Company, Amnesty International, Barnado’s and Channel 4 Television.

Her second poetry collection will be publisher by Picador in Autumn 2014 and her debut novel The Bricks that Built the Houses is planned to be published by Bloomsbury in 2015.

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