Don’t Be The One Lyrics


Don’t Be The One Lyrics in English by Emiway Bantai & Kara Marni is a Latest Hindi song. Music of the song given by Flamboy and Don’t Be The One Lyrics written by Emiway Bantai.

Don’t Be The One Lyrics by Emiway ft. Kara Marni is Latest Hindi Rap song sung by Emiway Bantai, Kara Marni and music is given by Flamboy. Don’t Be The One song lyrics are penned down by Emiway Bantai, Kara Marni while video is directed by Rayhaan Patni.

Nasha Banke Sar Pe
Chadhi Hai Mere Tu
Pata Nahi Is Pyar Mein
Ab Tak Khoya Hu Kyun

Par Tere Jaise Few
Feelings Abhi Bhi New
Tujhe Jaane Na Doon
Commitment Bhi Doon

Main Toh Serious Hoon
Bich Mein Chhod Ke Jaane Wala
Banda Mein Se Main Nahi
Yeh Baat Tu Bhi Janti Hai
Agar Tu Nahi Toh Main Nahi
Kyun Nahi Tere Liye Chal
Main Galat Aur Tu Sahi

Tu Jo Soche Main Wo Nahi
Bas Teko Lekar Aur Kahin
Ho Jaaun Settle Rose Pettle
Main Hard Metal Bahot Mentle
Dono Milke Jiyenge Crazy life

Ban Sakti Hai Wife Kyunki
Tu Hai Meri Vibe
Kaafiyon Se Mila Lekin
Koyi Nahi Mili Mere Type

Karta Main Feelings Clear
Do You Know What I’m Doing Here
Jo Chahiye Thi Tu Wo Hai
Tujhe Jaane Kaise Du

Tere Bina Rehna Kaisa Hi Hoga
Nahi Chhodna Main Hu Tere Kaafi Pass

So Please Don’t Be The One
To Let Me Down
Let Me Down

[English Vocal]

Tujhe Jane Kaise Doon

Emiway Bantai!
Sath Mein Kara Marni
Peace Out!

Written by: Emiway, Kara Marni

Don’t Be The One Song Details:

Song: Don’t Be The One
Singer: Emiway, Kara Marni
Lyrics: Emiway, Kara Marni
Music: Flamboy
Label: Bantai Studio

Your my high m tripping on you

Don’t know why am I still lost in this love

But Only few like you ,

feelings are still new ,

Won’t let you go ,

Giving u commitment too,

I’m serious about you

i’m not one of those who’ll leave you midway

Even you know that

If there’s no you then there’s no me

Then Why not ? Only For your sake

I’m wrong and you’re right!

What you think of me I ain’t that person

Wanna take you somewhere and just get settled

You’re like rose petal I’m like hard metal

Both mental !

We can live a crazy life

You can be my wife Cause you’re my vibe

Met a lot of them

But no one my type

Making my feelings clear

Don’t know what I’m doing hear

You’re the one who I wanted

How can I let you go

How living without you would be like ?

Don’t wanna leave

Right now I’m very close to you

Very close

So please don’t be the one to let me down

Let me down

How can I let you go!!

How living without you would be like ?

So please don’t be the one to let me down

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