Nishaan Lyrics

Kaka · Deep Prince

Nishaan Lyrics by Kaka Featuring Deep Prince is latest punjabi song with music given by Youngster PopBoy and the lyrics is written by Kaka. The song starring Neha Malik.

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Nishaan Song – FAQS

Who sung the “Nishaan” song?

“Nishaan” Song is sung by “Kaka, Deep Prince” .

Who Written the “Nishaan” song?

“Nishaan” Song Lyrics are written by “Kaka” .

Which Actor/Actress is Starring/featuring “Nishaan” song?

“Nishaan” Song is Starring/featuring “Kaka, Deep Prince, Neha Malik” in lead role.

Written by: Kaka

Nishaan Song Info:
Song: Nishaan
Singer(s): Kaka, Deep Prince
Musician(s): YoungStarr Pop Boy
Cast: Kaka, Deep Prince, Neha Malik

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