Phool Khilala Remix Lyrics Translation – Priyanka Meher & Deepak Meher

Phool Khilala, featuring the Voice of Priyanka Meher and Deepak Meher
Penned in the traditional Garhwali language,

“Phool Khilala Remix” Song Info

Pradeep Khuded, Mahender Singh Negi

Phool Khilala Remix English Lyrics Meaning

Flowers will bloom in the valleys.
Fyonli flower will laugh through the dales.
Snow will melt in the mountains .
Spring will come in the forests

girls faces will brighten up.
Will tickle their very soul.

Water will run over the water pots.
Nose rings will swing by their nose.

Buransh flower will grin in our Jungles.
Mustard flowers will blossom in our fields.

Red and green bangles in their wrists will make a Joyous sound

Mothers and sisters of our village will dance their soul away.

Aujis (traditional percussionists) will play Dhol Damau full throttle
Dew drops will shine the brightest.

“Phool Khilala ” Song Video

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